e-commerce pricing model

premium quality

e-commerce photography

We are a team of experienced photographers who specialise in providing exceptional

e-commerce photography services that will help your business thrive in the digital marketplace. We are dedicated to capturing the essence of your product and presenting it in the best possible light.

Whether you are launching a new product line, refreshing your online store, or running targeted marketing campaigns, our e-commerce photography services are tailored to meet your specific needs.

What you will get:

Clean, well-lit, crisp, and meticulously captured images of your product on a pure white background, perfect for any e-commerce platform like Amazon, Ebay, Shopify and any other online store. This will also be perfect for print catalogues and creative graphic design purposes.

Your investment

Investing in product photography for your business is not just an expense; it's a strategic investment that yields significant returns. Our pricing Tiers are designed to offer simplicity and affordability. Guarantee NO HIDDEN fees or unexpected charges. We will help you help you enhance your brand's image, drive sales, and ultimately increase your revenue.

Straightforward pricing: Begin at just $20 per photo

Tier 1

1 - 10 Photos

starts from $35


11 - 30 PHOTOS

starts from $23


31 - 100 PHOTOS

starts from $20


101 - 300 PHOTOS

starts from $15

what's included?

Basic Retouching

All images will be carefully retouched; colour correction, brightness, contrast, and exposure will be adjusted before the final delivery. Any minor flaws such as dust, scratches, and unwanted spots will be removed digitally.

Background removed

All images will be delivered with a transparent background (cutting out background) best for most e-commerce platforms.

File format

All images will be provided in High-resolution 3600px JPEG. Any special resizing and cropping requirements must be finalised before the start of the project.


All images will be delivered via the Google Drive link for you to download within 30 days.

Royalty-free with unlimited use

We do not charge royalty or license fees for all the images that will be delivered to you. You can use them anywhere you wish; prints, websites, digital advertising, social media, etc. Just don't forget to tag us!

Customised Extras

highly reflective surface

+ $8 per photo

large items over 60cm x 60cm

+ $15 per photo

Ghost mannequin

+ $8 per photo


Step 1 - Contact us for a quote

Contact us via email or phone to let us know your requirements. We will then provide you with a no-obligation quote to help you with your decision-making process.

Step 2 - Invoicing and deposit

After accepting the quote, we will send you a 50% booking deposit invoice to secure your reservation.

Step 3 - Send us your items

Feel free to choose between dropping off your products at Mt. Druitt, NSW or arranging a courier service for delivery. Please ensure that all products are carefully packed, with straight labels and in excellent condition.

Step 4 - photography and editing

Products are photographed in the studio as per the agreed job brief and shots list. Images will then be edited and retouched. Give us up to 10 business days. Fast turnaround is available with an additional fee.

Step 5 - Review Photos and Final Invoicing

A link will be emailed to you for you to review the images against the agreed photography brief and shot list, along with the final invoice.

Step 7 - Final Delivery

Once you’ve cross-checked all the images against the agreed job brief and shots list. All images will then be delivered in full resolution (3600px).

Step 8 - Collect your items

Once photos are delivered, you can collect the products from our studio or arrange for pick up using a courier company. Please note all products must be collected within 14 days from delivery of final images. We do not organise returns, clients must arrange themselves after the shoot.