eCommerce model

These pricing tiers are designed for businesses that requires very simple and convetional eCommerce photos for their brand. For this model, photos are commonly use for Amazon, eBay, Etsy, eCommerce website, and online stores.

A minimum of 10 photos per photoshoot is required. If you have any further questions, please contact us.

Tier 1

10 - 30 photos

From $20 per photo

Tier 2

31 - 50 photos

From $18 per photo

Tier 3

51 and beyond

From $9 per photo



Each image will be retouched and color corrected. Scratches, dust, or small spots will be removed.

Deep Etching

Each photo will be on a plain white or transparent background. This is best for eCommerce websites.


Photos will be cropped according to your desired size. Aspect ratios must be finalised before editing

Royalty Free

All photos will be owned by you after the delivery. You can use them anywhere without restrictions

Pricing is subject to change depending on the product's overall appearance such as surface, material, and size.

Call us to discuss more about your requirements. We are here to help!